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Everyday there´s a new fantastic plan, the phone rings, another friend, another restaurant, another amazing experience. I feel the most alive when I´m hanging out with my friends in my favorite places (or the new ones to become favorites very soon). To me, that is the only reason to spend life on Earth, to smile and feel alive, to share, to be grateful of living in this country where we have so many options and the possibility of taking advantage of them.

Thickumz - Series

Thickumz is the place to see. Find out why fit and healthy babes care so much about their curves. In this series you will see daily life routine of some beautiful girls and who knows, if you are lucky enough you might see them in their intimate moments. Interested?

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Lucky Humpers Series

Lucky Humpers has just debuted. Are you ready to enter the world of youth and stamina? It’s not easy to please an experienced MILF and this is exactly what these young dudes have to do. Can they manage? Of course! See their methods of doing it in this exclusive series of Reality Kings.

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Family Swap XXX

Family Swap XXX and the whole concept of swapping families is brand new one. If you want to find out what’s the purpose of 4 families having a causal meetings and ending up with foursomes then you need to get a grasp of this social phenomenon. Emotions, guaranteed.

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Masonic Boys are doing everything it takes in order to join this obsessive brotherhood of elders. The Order because it’s how they are called is a bunch of older men demanding a total submission from these young naive boys (who are more than happy to participate).


The Cheapest Restaurant In Quebec

Eating empanadas is very common in certain latitudes of the world, especially down South, but is not a regular thing over here. I was on the search for something cheap and tasty to eat on the go because of two important things: first of all, I had almost no money in my pockets and had also very little time to do it. Since the filling can be as diverse, eating one kind or the other really makes a difference.


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My 10 Best Restaurants In Ottawa

Having dinner 150 feet in the air is what I call a unique experience by all means. If the weather is nice, the experience is amazing (if it´s not, it´s amazing too) but the sky without the trace of a cloud lets you experience the city in its entire splendor. Lifting your eyes from the plate you´re eating and seeing the entire city lit like a Christmas tree is an uncanny thing.


The Strangest Restaurants I Found In Quebec City


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