“Burnt Tongue” In Hamilton Offered Me A Rich Diversity

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15 Dec

“Burnt Tongue” In Hamilton Offered Me A Rich Diversity

The Burnt Tongue

Have you ever thought about going to a restaurant specialized in soups?

Well, neither have I until I went to The Burnt Tongue completely by accident.

There are so many ways of making soup as there are ingredients you can put into them.

So, the diversity in this place is awesome, but I don´t want to be a spoiler, let me dissect my experience bit by bit and show you exactly what is the experience all about.

Soups For All Tastes

I can bet that you have never tasted soups like the one they sell here.

Unlike the falafel places I often go, this is quite a “normal pick” for someone like me. I mean, we all had soup many times before in our lives, right? Well, I can bet that you have never tasted soups like the one they sell here. It is tasty, creamy and so filled with flavor it almost feels as if it was a sauce and you´re missing the pasta!

I think that I might have ordered them all by now, but the soup menu changes on a daily basis and you can find out about it through social media. This is a great feature for a restaurant if you ask me, because you just never know what to expect the moment you sit down!

Or, if you want to be your own spoiler, you can also be really boring and read about the menu on social media before you go.

The cool thing about not knowing is that you might get to try something completely new and I simply love those 5 seconds of pure adrenaline before I put the spoon in my mouth; it can be epic win or epic fail!


It is quite a discovery!

I mentioned before that this was a soup restaurant, but they also have some amazing burgers, sandwiches and fries.

The soups are amazing and the burgers are just great. But the diversity you can get from the menu is just amazing.

Imagine going to a great burger place to find out they have some aces under the sleeve like, for example, amazing soups. It is quite a discovery!

Well the burgers here are not limited to the classic options, they offer some cool combinations and they really taste great.

In fact, the most amazing thing is that you can ask the chef what is the best pairing for your burger and they will choose a soup for you.

For example, I happen to love the Vietnamese curry soup and it goes great with anything that has bacon in it.


For the soups alone, this is an awesome place that offers some of the best you have tasted in your entire life.

If you add to that the amazing vibe of the place, the pairing with the burgers and the virtually limitless variety, you have an excellent place. What more?

The surprise factor for which they work really hard, because changing the menu on a daily basis is not at all an easy thing to do. Go to this restaurant and let it surprise you. You will return.

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