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“Hello, I am Zoe, and I am a food junkie”. That would definitely be my introduction to a help group to stop spending my entire salary eating out! I just can´t help it, there are so many options and just one life to try them all that I can´t find a reason to stop.

Everyday there´s a new fantastic plan, the phone rings, another friend, another restaurant, another amazing experience. I feel the most alive when I´m hanging out with my friends in my favorite places (or the new ones to become favorites very soon). To me, that is the only reason to spend life on Earth, to smile and feel alive, to share, to be grateful of living in this country where we have so many options and the possibility of taking advantage of them.

I have travelled a lot too in my forty years of existence in this plane and that´s where my love for food really began. When I was a child, much like most of us, I was always the odd one that didn´t like the food on the table and would cry to my mum because none of the ingredietns would please me.

Obviously, I wanted to call for attention being the only girl in a big family of men (I have three brothers). With time, I realized that those ingredients I used to hate were actually pretty tasty and start dropping taboo elements in my head one after the other.

To make a long story short, my taboos were falling and the people around me started to notice a big change and follow me wherever my gastronomic adventures take me. Ethiopian food, Afghan food, vegan falafels, marvelous breakfasts, molecular meals and a dinner suspended 150ft from the ground later, I sort of become this reference in which all my friends trust as a tour guide of restaurants. I can´t say I complain about it, I really love it, because if there´s one thing that us, food junkies love, is the company of others like us to enjoy it! I love seeing the face of my friends when they try something that is really good, the pleasure in the eyes, the smile afterwards and the cool comments are all amazing.

Since I can´t and won´t stop doing it, I thought it would be great to share what I´ve learnt through all these years of eating out with all those who are fond of eating. I can assure you that my considerations on each delivery of material will be 100% personal and hand-picked.

I love to see new friends find out about amazing restaurants and generate that huge snowball that can take a place I love going from struggling to really making it.

For example, this small Mexican tortillas place I found that was really struggling to survive was the home of some of the best Mexican food I ever had. We are talking about a forgotten old little place in the middle of nowhere that is managed by Ramón and his family.

They were really struggling and had this amazing history of fighting it and coming to Canada looking for a better future for their children. It touched my heart and I decided to help, so I spread the word with all my friends and now they have a clientele they never thought they would. To me it is a win-win situation in which I recommend my friends an incredible restaurant and they can keep the quality of the service, the restaurant open and fulfill their dream of helping their children have a better future.

Also, I love going out with friends and on dates that involve food and fun new places. There are some of these restaurants that don´t even have a sign outside or a Facebook page. I have been to soup restaurants, veggie falafel spots and even ice bars without leaving Canada.

Next time you are sitting at home and wondering what to do, why your life is so monotonous, give me a chance to put a smile upon your face and try some of my recommendations.

Have fun, eat out and enjoy life, that´s what we are here for.

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