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I moved! Well, I didn´t really moved to a different house, but I did move virtually to a new address.

I don´t want to go on the technical reasons of my moving, but think of it as discovering a new place, opening the windows and letting some fresh air inside a new home.

That is exactly how I feel in my new URL.

Make sure to place a star on the right side of your screen to my website so you can come by often and find out the best places to indulge that food junkie inside of you!

Restaurant Zoe

I have travelled a lot too in my forty years of existence in this plane and that´s where my love for food really began. When I was a child, much like most of us, I was always the odd one that didn´t like the food on the table and would cry to my mum because none of the ingredietns would please me.

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