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Before I start my countdown to the best restaurant in Ottawa, let me tell you this is not a list for the faint of spirit. I love eating weird food in strange places.

If you could see me now, I´m wearing purple pants, an orange top and a yellow sweater. I´m not what you would call just a regular person, I have different interests and an enormous curiosity.

Now that I have stated that, you can read on to embark yourself in a life-changing gastronomic experience. Buckle up!

1- Sky Lounge

This is by far my favorite experience in the entire town. Having dinner 150 feet in the air is what I call a unique experience by all means. If the weather is nice, the experience is amazing (if it´s not, it´s amazing too) but the sky without the trace of a cloud lets you experience the city in its entire splendor.

There are two prices and services: you can go up for a cocktail and pay $150 or have dinner for $250. The experience is well worth the price; the food is prepared and served on the spot by the two members of the staff accommodated in the middle of the rectangle. Besides them, the table has space for other 22 lucky people.

Lifting your eyes from the plate you´re eating and seeing the entire city lit like a Christmas tree is an uncanny thing. Even if you can only afford to do it once, you should.

2- Ghana House Cuisine

Have you tried African cuisine? Well, if you did, you know that is great. If you didn’t, then you should not let this opportunity go by.

This beautiful restaurant on Merivale Road sells some of the best jerk chicken I have ever tried.

It can be consumed in a combo along with some rice & beans. Also, the jolof rice, the grilled tilapia, fufu with goat stew and the fried chicken are awesome.

If you love flavorful food with spicy taste, you´re going to definitely love this place.

3- Atelier

Whenever I get paid for a big photo job, I indulge myself going to this restaurant to try out new insanities they´ve come up with.

Have you ever thought you would eat some helium-filled edible balloons, or fish inside a phyllo-dough nest?

Well, I don’t want to be a spoiler, but… it can happen. They won some awards and the restaurant is the home of one of the best chefs in the country.

Molecular food is awesome and Atelier offers it at its best.

4- Rangoon Restaurant

If I was to ask you to select Burma in a map with your index finger, could you tell me where it´s at?

Well, if that is the case, I guess you don´t know that there is a Burmese restaurant in Ottawa.

I love shrimps, green vegetables and hot sauces mixed with rice and all of that can be found in the menu of this great restaurant.

Go there, order shrimp, be happy.

5- Ceylonta

Well, if you didn´t know about the burman cuisine, you definitely didn´t know about the Sri Lankan one!

Yes, there is a Sri Lankan restaurant in Ottawa, it is called Ceylonta and is very good. Sri Lankan food is very spicy and tasteful since there are many ingredients involved in each dish.

You might just feel that you can´t really tell what you are eating (and you’re loving it!).

I recommend it for adventurers and conservatives, dishes are great.

6- Hareg

Ethiopian cuisine is awesome. It is important to know that it is an experience rather than a night out for casual dinner.

The first time I got there it was amazing because the owners offered me to be a witness of how the coffee is toasted and then served. Plus, the meal was amazing and the price very acceptable.

The decoration is traditional and very welcoming with warm colors everywhere. You´ll feel like home right away.

7- La Cabaña

Ok, we have covered the African part of the continent, but what about Latin America?

La Cabaña is food from El Salvador and is so good and Caribbean that will put a smile in your face in a heartbeat.

This restaurant was established 22 years ago and you can tell they have perfected their menu many times.

For the best Pupusas in the country, go to La Cabaña.

8- Island Grill

Caribbean food is as fun as Caribbean people. Jamaicans have dishes such as the Chicken Roti in perfect Coconut Curry.

It is mind-blowing just how much difference can it make when the right amounts of condiment are added. There are many reasons why Island Grill made it to the top 10, but the first and most important is how good the food is!

Besides, it is not at all expensive, in fact is close to the cheapest restaurants in Ottawa. A great experience I recommend, especially as a starter for a fun night out.

9- Harmony Restaurant

This option might surprise more than one because it is not at all a fancy place; it is more of a cheap place that serves amazing Chinese food.

Let´s set set one thing straight in case you didn´t know about it: Chinese food is abundant and filling, as opposite to the Japanese one. They are completely different: think Sushi versus Chow Fan or Chow Mien.

That being said, this place is amazing! The meat is tender, the flavors strong and the ambience so chilling! Loved it and you will too.

10- Supreme Kabob House

Lastly, this is an Afghan-cuisine place. Let me tell you about it that the lamb chops may very well be the best in the city and arguably the best in the country.

It is also very cheap and the vibe inside of it is awesome.

If you´re into something different without spending much, go there and you won´t regret it.

Restaurant Zoe

I have travelled a lot too in my forty years of existence in this plane and that´s where my love for food really began. When I was a child, much like most of us, I was always the odd one that didn´t like the food on the table and would cry to my mum because none of the ingredietns would please me.

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