The Strangest Restaurants I Found In Quebec City

 / The Strangest Restaurants I Found In Quebec City

1- Track & Field

Want to play the new thing around? Well, the lawn games are what is happening right now.

The Track & Field is a unique place because it succeeds at merging bocce, cocktails and shuffleboard. I went three times and had lots of fun; you can do it as a walk-in thing or you can also make a reservation.

While you are there, you can ask for a “Versace” which comes served on a face (but realistic!) one hundred dollar bill.

2- BevLab

This is quite a treat like the molecular food by one of my favorite restaurants in Ottawa, Atelier.

The difference is that they offer workshops and also have some molecular drinks that are completely amazing. You can walk in and ask for a cloud to drink and the bartender will smile and pour it for you with a smile as if it was a sci-fi movie. The food is awesome too.

Not the cheapest place I´ve been to, but a definite must for curious food and drink lovers in Quebec.

3- O.Noir

This restaurant works in many levels because it is a completely unique experience, but it also is a learning one.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be blind? Well, in O.Noir your sight never gets accustomed to the dark, so you don´t see absolutely nothing the whole time you´re there

Another experience is the enhanced senses that make your food taste very differently and the smells more powerful. It is something you should not miss.

4- Yasu

The omasake restaurants are, to me, the best way to eat Sushi. Which is the difference you may ask?

Well, simple, there is no menu to choose from, you will eat what the Sushiman feels that you should eat. They are almost always the most amazing sushi you will ever have. This restaurant is very exclusive, there are only 12 seats to be filled inside, so it´s a reservation-only place.

If you have a discerning palate that can appreciate $80 per person serving, then you should definitely go; it´s worth every penny.

5- Signs

Going down the same lane that O.Noir goes with the visually disabled people, this restaurant is for those who have hearing impediments of some sort.

The communication with everyone in the room that belongs to the staff has to be made with signs language. When I got there I realized I didn´t know sign language so I had to use a cheat sheet that was in the table and it came out just fine.

The meal wasn´t delicious, but the desert was mind-blowing and the price tag intermediate. Cocktails were amazing too.

6- The Addisons

Hearing the name of the place is like you immediately hear in your mind the music from The Simpsons entrance sequence and say the word “The Addisons” in an imitating falsetto.

That happened to me the whole night. This place is very strangely decorated as if it was a real high-school party house. If you get there early, there´s no cover and happy hour will leave your drinks at only $4.

Eventual pizza boxes are scattered among the people and there are games like fusball, jenga and ping pong to spend the whole night laughing and clapping. For people in party mood only!

7- Chill Ice House

This might be a one-trick pony that you can just try once and then move on. It is a -5°C place where you can have some shots and drinks.

It is not required to dress for that temperature, since you get a huge overcoat as soon as you walk in along with some thick gloves. Everything is really made of ice and the most you can stay in there is about 15 minutes, then you can just go to the bar that´s connected for a more relaxed, regular experience.

To do it once is awesome, then becomes a little dull.

8- Mysteriously Yours

Well, this is definitely a place to go a fun time with friends. If you like eating and laughing in the same degree, this is definitely the place for you.

I loved it every time I went (three so far). You pay for the show beforehand, like the ticket to see a theatrical play and also for your meal. It is awesome to be in a theatre with golden and red all around having a juicy steak.

The best part is for extroverts, we get to go on stage and have fun with the actors. If you solve the mystery, you can participate for a cool prize.

Restaurant Zoe

I have travelled a lot too in my forty years of existence in this plane and that´s where my love for food really began. When I was a child, much like most of us, I was always the odd one that didn´t like the food on the table and would cry to my mum because none of the ingredietns would please me.

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