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15 Feb

The Best Places In Victoria I Had Breakfast

Having breakfast out is something I completely love doing.

Having breakfast out is something I completely love doing.

Maybe it is not as common as doing other meals out like brunch, lunch, or even dinner, but to me it´s like starting the day on the right foot.

These are some of the places that I liked the most while in Victoria.

Don´t be afraid to include some odd things to your breakfast, it is all part of the fun and after all, it is the most important meal of the day, right?

John´s Place

I happen to love Eggs Benedict and this place offers every variety that has ever crossed any individual´s mind (and they are all delicious).

Also, the hollandaise is recently made, fresh and very tasty.

The place is not at all a fancy-looking site or anything, it´s more like a cozy, familiar atmosphere, but the food they serve plus the great attention to detail and warm treat makes up for everything else.

I had a wonderful time and definitely recommend it.

Blue Fox Café

Do yourself a favor, go there and ask for the breakfast salad and let your palate taste that amount of flavors summed up.

It is a feast for the tasting buds and will leave you satisfied to say the least.

If you feel like adding something more traditional, ask for the French toast which is also mind-blowing with home-made syrup that feels natural and tasty.

This place is a definitive must.

Jam Café

Do you have a palate for sweet and salty tastes mixed up in your food

Well, if this is the case, then you will definitely love the chicken and waffles.

They will open your mind and your appetite, since the presentation really activates your taste buds.

Also, The Gravy Coop and the Pulled Pork Pancakes are some of the best options in the history of human kind to start your day.

Don´t be afraid and taste them all, you might surprise yourself.

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