What Makes Falafel St. Jacques Spectacular For Me?

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15 Nov

What Makes Falafel St. Jacques Spectacular For Me?

It doesn´t matter if you are into falafel or not, you have to try it in this amazing and strange restaurant named Falafel St. Jacques!  You will be completely in love with the tradition, the food and the attention that you will get there.

I am a foodie, a food-junkie or even more, a strange-food junkie who is not scared of trying new things as often as I can.

Read on and find out why you have to aim for this restaurant in an unexpected zone to be your new favorite.

The Hidden Gem

It is hidden in the corner of a busy street.

It is not, by any means, a big and fancy restaurant; it is hidden in the corner of a busy street.

The outside as well as the inside are nothing to write home about, it looks like these hipster places in which you eat on your feet and have the menu written on a blackboard and serve mostly draft beer and a few selected dishes.

But it definitely is more than that. As you walk in, you can smell the strange ingredients that make all the falafel varieties that they offer.

The first time I went there, we took a seat next to the window and went to order our food almost immediately.

The falafel ingredients are all in sight in a big counter with a transparent glass that definitely activates your taste buds. Imagine if Subway restaurants were truly delicious, well, then they would come close.

Vegan Way

Everything in this restaurant is strictly vegan.

Everything in this restaurant is strictly vegan. I was taken there by a friend of mine who not only doesn’t eat meat, but is also a militant of it.

If she says that the place is certified to be 100% vegan, then there is no doubt about it at all.

She ordered hers and I was taking forever to choose because I haven´t eaten texturized vegetables that are meat-flavored and have always been skeptical about them.

I finally decided to go for the General Tao Chicken and it was very tasty!

General Tao Chicken

We were talking about some problems she was having with her current boyfriend (soon to be ex, if you ask me) and I just couldn´t concentrate on what she was saying because the meal and the lemonade were just so good!

The price of the food is very reasonable since the portions are rather generous. If you order pitta bread, it comes generously filled with falafel and accompanied by black beans, salad and humus.

If you are not very hungry, they could be sharing dishes easily, which would make the price even more convenient.


The reason why this place is spectacular for me is because it is cheap, delicious and the food is not at all heavy for your stomach. It is a great place with awesome variety of light food.

Another thing that I love about it is to be able to surprise my friends taking them to a place they haven´t heard of and that also have no idea about its existence. Why not try it yourself?

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